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Success Stories

I would like to tell you about my experience with Julie Daniluk’s Anti-Inflammatory Online Program. Let me start at the beginning.

One morning this April, I woke up and discovered that I couldn’t get out of bed. I had to go to the bathroom but I couldn’t move. I lay there trying to figure out what happened, did I have a heart attack? (heart disease runs in my family) was this the flu? What was wrong with me. I tried inching myself to the side of the bed hoping to stand up, I felt like I had ran a marathon when I had only moved an inch. I tried to lift up my arms and they flopped back down. It was as if my entire right side was paralyzed, if that wasn’t bad enough my head was pounding the room was spinning and I was seeing double. I tried to move my neck and it was frozen. I remember lying in bed vowing to do anything if I would just feel better. It was one of the scariest days of my life.

My youngest daughter came into the room all excited to go to family swim, I still remember her face when I said I couldn’t take her. She told me that she would take care of me. My heart dropped a 4 and 5 year old should not have to take care of their mom. ??That day I gave up diet coke, something I’m embarrassed to admit how often I drank. I vowed to do whatever it took to get healthy. I wanted a future with my family, I wanted to live my life and not simply watch it. With help from a chiropractor I was able to move my neck again. At this point I had made it to my dr. and he put me on blood pressure medication and pain medication. The pain radiating from my neck was travelling down my arms and it made it impossible to function. An MRI showed that I had arthritis in my neck. I was already on thyroid medication, migraine meds and Align for IBS. I was 40 years old but I felt like an 80 year old. I couldn’t do the simplest things without pain, things you take for granted, like brushing my daughters hair, rubbing their backs, taking them for a bike ride or playing tag in the backyard. I couldn’t do any of that, the pain was too intense.

Around the same time I started reading Julie’s book, this was my answer, my body was filled with inflammation, and I felt Julie could help me get reduce it. I had seen Julie on TV and was inspired by her energy and genuine desire to help everyone get healthy. The day I started the Anti-Inflammatory Plan my life changed. Julie’s plan is a gift; she is empowering us to take our lives back. Each step we take brings us closer to optimum health. I haven’t figured it all out yet, I’m human I fall off the wagon and go off course, but I can honestly say that today those days are farther and farther apart. I used to crave dairy and sweets, following the Anti-Inflammatory Online Program my cravings have disappeared. Julie’s plan helps you find healthy substitutions for the foods that you think you love and even better helps you discover new foods to love, that fuel your body and make you feel great!

Today I no longer have joint pain, my IBS symptoms have gone away and my daily headaches have disappeared. I haven’t seen my doctor yet, but I’m confident that he will be happy with my blood pressure numbers and take me off the medication. ?

I sleep better, wake up happier and have enough energy to play tag with my daughters after a full-day of work. What I loved most about the program was the online clubhouse & webinars; we had access to everyone following the program and even Julie herself. We shared our ups and downs, encouraged each other along the way. Every time I logged on there was something new and inspiring to read. The access to the experts and participants was invaluable.

I would recommend this program because it works! It’s not something that you do for a few weeks and then try the next thing. It’s a live it, meaning you can actually see yourself following her principles for your entire life. The program is presented in 4 stages and you have enough time to follow each stage at your pace and then move onto the next. Not only is Julie full of energy but she is gentle and encouraging and believes in you and now I believe in myself.

I can’t thank Julie, Lynn, the entire Daniluk team, and of course my Anti-Inflammatory Club House family enough for this experience. Thank you for giving me my life back!?

With deepest respect and love,
Posted By: Julie Clarke Wobbe
Pickering, Ontario
Doing the hot detox has changed my life! I started the 3 week plan in April, and have been feeling so amazing that I just never stopped eating the foods (though I am starting now to add in recipes from your other 2 books). I've lost 13lbs since April 22, and most importantly for me I no longer wake with extreme, long lasting, headachy grogginess that used to plague me 3 or 4 times a week. I'm also getting less migraines and am brimming with energy!! Thank you SO MUCH, Julie!
Posted By: Jenny Metler
Halifax, NS
Hi Julie, just wanted you to know something! I ordered my mother of the groom dress in March, my son gets married in July. I was so worried i would not fit into the size I ordered because they did not have it in stock. They took my measurements in March right after I had finished a half marathon. I went for my first fitting yesterday. The seamstress asked if I had lost weight. I told her only 3 pounds. Told her I have not been dieting but just changed up my choices in food since seeing you speak at Goodness Me in Burlington in April. She said I have lost 2 inches through my torso!! They have to take the dress in now!! So happy to pay the alteration charges!! Thank you so much!!
Posted By: Terry Park Cecchetto
Burlington, Ontario
Hi Julie,

I just gotta say you have been an inspiration to me, I have always watched you on Marilyn Denis show when you are on a segment. I was able to go to the show few years ago but it was Fashion Friday.

Julie, last Christmas I was enjoying my holidays with family and friends eating just about anything that was put in front of me. I ate homemade bread, pies and sweets than few days later I started noticing my hands that I couldn't move them as freely. My wrist were so sore that I had to get medication just to reduce the inflammation plus my knees and hips were affected. I was miserable I laid in bed for few days .Then I came across some information about inflammation and how it affects so many people. Well, I went to the Bookstore in my area and found your book "Slimming meals that heal" well i bought that and I could not put it down there was so much information about foods that affect your body, most people would think it's an ailment but not realizing its the foods that we eat that cause some to not feel well. And that they are foods out there that can heal and I have changed my diet to eat clean.

I went back to the Bookstore after I read the first book and bought the "Hot Detox" and again I read all the book. It just amazes me how much information is in these two books and I have been watching what I eat now. I have stopped eating Gluten and my inflammation has been reduced and some sense gone. I feel great, I walk everyday and to my surprise I can now run down the stairs rather than one step at a time.

Since, getting your books and understanding the foods I have changed my eating and today I have lost 12 pounds. I turned 50 last year and I feel great now and I am so thankful for the research you and your team has put in to make aware of our bodies and how some foods can heal the gut.

Thank you and hope to be able to pass this information to some people that have problem with inflammation. I have introduced new things in my diet such as new veggies that I never heard of as well as Hemp Hearts and Chia seeds to name a few.

Again Julie, thank you for your help, I just love your cheerfulness it brightens my day.
Posted By: Mary Ellen
Membertou, NS
Our last day of the 21-Day Hot Detox! I want to thank you Julie very, very much for writing your book and more importantly for offering us the opportunity to do this alongside of you and Alan.

I was prepared to do this alone with just your book as my inspiration but having your constant and continued support made it so much easier for me. I have learned so much, which proves I can learn something new each and every day.

I feel so energized and healthy and above all I have learned to give time to myself so that I am able to give to my family.
I look forward to continue to incorporate this food into my daily routine.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Posted By: Heather Griffith
Ontario, Canada
I have been following Julie for quite a while and when I stay on her program I feel more energized and definitely sleep better.
I have had really bad knee pain from osteoarthritis and as long as I eat this way I can stand almost all day without pain, which is a miracle.
Last night I broke down after visiting neighbours and having their snacks and a couple of drinks.
Today I am so tired, my knees ache and I do not have any motivation.
So back to the Hot Detox way of eating! Julie's book is the best thing that has happened in my life.
Thank you,
Posted By: Irene Remme
Dear Julie,

I had pre-ordered your Hot Detox Plan and followed the 21 day plan. I have to tell you that this has made a HUGE difference in my life and need to express my gratitude to you!

I am a 50 year old woman with a 6 year old daughter (she was a miraculous surprise). I have a full time job that is intense, with an extremely long commute. I am also at the age where parents and other relatives are in need of support and they are 3 hours away. I have been trying to manage all my responsibilities in all areas and it has been exhausting.

I had noticed, aside from the sheer exhaustion, an increase in aches and stiffness and chronic headaches. The headaches range from daily tension related to full blown migraines. The migraines have for the last number of years seem to be hormonally related and last 3-4 days requiring days of rest and resulting in at least one day of non-stop vomiting.

I decided that I could keep doing what I was doing and think this would end well for me and those I love. Then, I got the email about your book. I could not wait for it to arrive and immediately started the 21 day cleanse.

This was everything I had hoped to find and more. My energy level has increased tremendously. The pain and stiffness in my joints has almost disappeared and I have gone almost a month and a half migraine-free! I am sleeping better and feel much more alert and clear throughout the day. My cravings for those things that crop up when your adrenals are completely fatigued, have disappeared.

This plan was so easy to follow and I continue to make recipes to support me each day. I am going to purchase your Meals That Heal book because I cannot get enough of your brilliant ideas.

Thank you so much for this gift. I have told everyone I can about this book! Please let me know if there is some way I can sing your praises, because I would love to do that!

With love and gratitude,
Posted By: Lisa Campbell
Pennsylvania, USA
I purchased Julie's new book "Hot Detox" a couple of weeks ago. After reading through it, I decided to give her program a try. So, it's now day 10 of the 21 day detox.

There have been some challenges - A LOT of food shopping and cooking! Also, I learned that I really love to snack in the evenings and that is definitely not recommended in the program. There have been many positive things however including better energy, clearer thinking, and I'm pretty sure I've shed a few pounds as well.

Just in case you are the photo I'm drinking 50 shades of green!! Pretty good actually!
Posted By: Marianne Wong
Victoria, BC
I heard about your book on Breakfast Television at a time in my life when I was looking for solutions to decades of merely existing. I will be 70 this year and I had resolved to address my physical and mental well- being so that I can enjoy my life. On January 2nd 2017, I ordered your book.

The information is presented in such a way that not only did I learn what I should be eating, but why it is beneficial for me in relation to the digestive process. Even in the recipes it states what the ingredients contain and what area they target. This is something that is missing in any other self-book that I have read. There is no way that everyone who reads the book does not come away with an education, and I am sure that they will change some things in their diet. As I started the process I used this information to keep me motivated. I was so excited with the changes that I was experiencing that I passed this information to all of the people that I know who have arthritis in their joints, fibromyalgia, digestive problems, diabetes, low energy etc. My enthusiasm was contagious.

After the first day, I woke up feeling refreshed, with less inflammation in my hands, face and back. I had taken a yoga class and could not even touch my knees, but then I could that second day. I sleep long and deeper. For the past 3 decades, I woke up every hour and was lucky to get 6 hours. I spoke to my doctor over this time span and not once did he suggest that the problem could be my digestive system. At 50 I had a series of tests due to my difficulty coping with physical activities. All tests pointed to potential blockages, I had an angiogram, and I was told that my heart was a clean as a whistle. When I asked the cardiologist what else it could be, he threw up his hands and said look into your digestive system. Again my doctor shrugged his shoulders. I am almost finished the 21 days. I did lose 10 pounds so far; however, I still have another 20 pounds to lose. Today I ordered your other book Slimming Meals That Heal. I will incorporate the information in both books into my daily life.

My eating habits are forever changed. A very sincere thank you, you have given me my start in my journey.
Posted By: Carolyn Coffey
Wasaga Beach
Julie, I want to tell you how grateful I am for you!  Just read your blog, and it was a God-send, the inspiration I needed today. It's been about a year since I took sick and the pain began.  In March I was referred to Josh Gitalis and he recommended your book, Meals that heal inflammation, as part of my healing. This has put me on the healthier lifestyle and eating path and has really reduced my joint pain, as well as just overall feeling more energetic and alive.   In July, we had a house fire where we lost most of our house possessions, including the first book I ordered with your recipes.  Yes, I felt I had hit rock bottom again and that life had been turned upside down.  Yes, it was and at times, still, very scary.  One of the first things I replaced was your book, and my Bible, and I am using it to stay on top of the stress and inflammation.  Living in a hotel presently, which presents food dilemmas, but able to stay comfortable and food choices getting easier. Don't ever want to go back to the pain. Love your attitude and mantra- accepting life as it comes. Also, life is good and better is coming!

Thanks again, Julie, for sharing the ups and downs, and I know better is coming!  Keep the messages coming, they are an inspiration for the body and the soul.
Posted By: Ellie Knight
The info in both of Julie's books is so helpful. I really like the food pyramid and the red, yellow and green foods. I find when I look at those it really forces me to examine my food choices as well as look to what options might be better for me. Or when I eat something and feel crappie all the information helps me to understand why. It makes me more accountable because I can't pretend I didn't know when the information is right in front of my eyes. Oh and of course the amazing recipes!
Posted By: Noel Brown-Forbes
Peterborough, ON
I have been following your anti-inflammatory plan for 3 months now, and while the pressure in my brain is not gone and hands continue to be numb due to the nerve damage, my many other pains have reduced dramatically. I can sleep yet again and feel like I can breath again. This new way of living is amazing!

I am so grateful to you. You are a healer and an amazing bright light in this world.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Posted By: Kirsi Sykes
Loved your segment on Marilyn Denis! You know your stuff! Also just received your book from - I'm already blown away by it!! The information is so relevant for today's massive inflammatory health issues, healing the gut is king, and the recipes are so doable and current!!!!! Finally a book that makes viable sense!!! It's my new favourite book!! Well done, and big thank you for getting this plethora of essential and invaluable information published. I'm going to share this great find with my naturopath who I'm sure will be happy to share it with her clients! Lucie
Posted By: Lucie Pawluck Gilchrist
Ontario, Canada
Hi Julie,
I have colitis and Ankylosing spondylitis, I was diagnosed in May 2013 and started on a daily dose of 1000mg of naproxen. In July we reduced to 750mg daily but I was having alot of flare ups and bowel issues. In September my Rheumatologist suggested I follow an anti inflammatory diet so I purchased your book and I'm proud to say in December we reduced my dose to 250mg a day! I've only had 2 flare ups and they occured when I overate some trigger foods, but these flare ups were mild compared to previous ones and went away much faster. I will soon be starting on skipping a day of naproxen, and I hope to eventualy be off of it completely!
My bowel issues are under control, my joint pain is not present, I am no longer bloated and I just feel really good. When I found your book it was a miracle. It was so well explained in terms of understanding everything going on in my body and it made me realize that I wasn't crazy and that 1 size does not fit all when it comes to managing my health. What works for me might not work for another person and I needed to be told that.. that it would be trial and error but I would get there and would feel better. There are still trials, but I'm not frustrated like I was prior to the book. I've since recommended the book to a good friend who suffers from endometriosis and osteo arthritis in her back. I also gave my doctor the info on the book so she can now recommend it.
Each day is a new learning experience with food and I'm thankful for your book and blog to help guide me! Thank you!
Posted By: Chantal Rogers
Candiac, QC, Canada
Dear Julie,
I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis ten years ago. Last year, I started seeing a naturopath. She recommended your book, Meals That Heal Inflammation. Two months after seeing Dr. Stacey Fritsch and following your anti-inflammation diet; I can honestly and happily say to you that this is the best that I have felt since being diagnosed. I am now pain free.
My wife and I really enjoy your recipes. I am not concerned with weight loss, but I did purchase your Slimming Meals That Heal for more GREAT recipes. We are so grateful to you for introducing us to jicama. LOVE IT!
You are very inspirational and a wonderful educator. We do not own a television, but we follow you on social media and YouTube. Your enthusiasm and zest for life is contagious.
Thank you for your dedication and for helping so many people with similar stories to mine. I have not had a Rituxan infusion since April of twenty fifteen and I have been off Methotrexate for six months. I am gluten and dairy free. I avoid nightshades, processed foods and refined sugar. My last visit to my rheumatologist was my most successful ever. He said it was the best that he has ever seen me (I have been seeing the same rheumatologist since being diagnosed). Thank you for your tireless efforts. You are appreciated oodles. Gut healed and RA symptoms banished!
Please feel free to share any part of my story and rest assured, I sing your praises daily to any and all who will listen - family, friends and strangers. I tell them it truly does matter what goes in your mouth. A foreign concept to me until this past August. As a matter of fact, I was trained in the classic French culinary tradition of full fat everything slathered in clarified butter. I no longer cook professionally but I still enjoy cooking and hunting for great recipes.
I have tackled this new chapter in my life as an exciting new adventure thanks to your motivating books and online presence. I am determined to stay off my liver and kidney killing meds. My rheumatologist does not think that my goal is realistic, however, according to my history I should have had two infusions by now. I have not had these infusions as the inflammation has abated. I am excited and encouraged about recapturing my health.
Thank you, Julie. May your success continue to flourish.
Posted By: Wayne Ashton
Port Hope, Ontario
I tell everyone about your wonderful book Meals That Heal Inflammation & how much it has helped my health. You've worked hard & helped so many. I am proud to be part of the MTHI family!
Posted By: Valerie MacLeod
Calgary, Alberta
I recommended Meals That Heal Inflammation to my sister in law this fall when no Dr. could give her a reason for the sores in her mouth and constant burning in the back of her throat. Even after a biopsy. She started your program and in 2 days her burning vanished and all but one sore in her mouth. She is forever grateful!
Posted By: Brenda Hewlko
Brandon, Manitoba
Meals That Heal Inflammation saved my life! I can recommend it to everyone. It is a book FULL of information you need to understand how food can work in your body. Know that you can truly get groceries and understand what works and what does not. Again thank you.
Posted By: Charlotte Hamlin-Niesink
Meals That Heal Inflammation saved my life. I came off multiple medications and lost some weight. I believe it aided me in getting pregnant.
Posted By: Rees Layne
The best part of going to the Victoria Health Show was meeting my health idol of years Julie Daniluk. Have to admit I was alittle star struck. She even autograph my book and added a sweet message and gave me a hug. I adore her even more now. She is so inspiring, beautiful and caring! Feeling more alive about following my passion on becoming an RHN.
Julie you are the most amazing person ever! I am so honoured. Your passion and knowledge is something I admire. You are such a mentor.
Posted By: Sheila Szonyi
RHN student, Victoria, BC
We did the 21-Day Detox in September. We are a middle-aged couple with lots of inflammation and my husband is celiac. We were good dedicated students and benefited in so many ways. It was amazing! Inflammation is so much of a problem for us. You designed it well. We could shop and prepare with your help. The videos are awesome. We are trying to keep as clean as we can. Some everyday challenges so as trying to prepare as it takes a lot of time. I crave the feeling of being inflammation free now that I have felt pain free first hand. The fog was gone and joints were free from pain. I lost some weight which I have not been able to do for 15 years.
We are learning everyday and each time I feel weak I pick up your books. They are right in my kitchen beside my fridge. Even my 22-year-old reluctantly joined us on our journey… which amazed me.
We are trying to continue making it apart of our lives. I wish you were closer. Thank you for being there for us via social media. I truly believe in what you do, some struggles still, but defiantly a good lifestyle we are trying to Live. Thank you so much.
Posted By: Roxanne Gibbard
St. Albert, Alberta
Julie, thank you so much for this wonderful detox program of yours! So much good information, wonderful and tasty recipes that make it easy to envision eating (largely) this way going forward. I did not starve on the liquid days and feel wonderfully cleansed. I decided not to use the Metagenix product just to see how your program felt. I will definitely be doing this again in the spring.
I really admire you and all that you are doing. So grateful to have you in my life.
Posted By: Karen Peladeau
Thank you very much for your program and for your book Meals That Heal Inflammation which I have been reading. I have suffered from inflammation for 30 years but was always misdiagnosed and never given the proper remedy for what was bothering me. My inflammation issues have manifested primarily in the following ways:
1. Hidradenitis Suppurativa – I have had countless surgeries in my life to remove these painful (and oftentimes infected) cysts. I was always told that there was no cure for it and that some people "just get them". In 2013 I had 14 surgeries (2 by general anesthetic) and it seemed to be getting worse and worse. That is when I discovered the book Wheat Belly and another book called The Hidden Plague. Those books gave me my first confirmation that my painful problem could be controlled by diet, as I had suspected already for some time. That was encouraging. I cannot possibly overstate how bad this problem was for me over the years. In the early 90’s I nearly had to have my leg amputated because the infection had spread beyond control – in fact, I was within 24 hours of the specialist having to make that choice when finally the infection started to withdraw. I was hospitalized at that time for 10 days. I have been to the hospital for this problem more times than I could even dare to guess, but certainly in the hundreds.
2. Back and joint pain – I have chronically had back pain (debilitating at times) for about 20 years and in the past 5 – 10 years I started to hurt in most joints in my body.
3. Numbness in my extremities – feet and hands. I have had MRI’s and other tests done and I have been given no medical explanation for it.
4. Terrible stomach issues – always swinging back and forth between uncontrollably too loose or uncomfortably not moving at all.
Earlier this year I threw my back out and this time the chiropractor was of no help. I succumbed to taking medication to help. Something happened when I took anti-inflammatories. Yes, my back started to feel better. But my hands and feet also stopped tingling, whatever remnants of cysts that I had faded away, and my bowel movements became normal. That was the very first time that I realized that all the points listed above (and many others as well) were all related and that, if inflammation was controlled in my body, I could reduce or eliminate all of the issues at one time.
That is when I started searching the internet to learn about inflammation rather than just the symptoms that I had been experiencing. I found you, your website, your book and the program that I purchased (21-Day Anti-Inflammatory Detox). Since that time I have done a lot of experimenting through the remainder of the year. I have discovered that certain foods are like a light switch to my problem. My medical doctor is skeptical even though she can see the results in me. I know that if I have, for example, a combination of bread and beer in an evening, then by the next morning all of my issues would flare up. If I ate properly from that point on the problems would all regress over the next 2 or 3 days. I learned that I could literally turn it on and off like a light switch.
Finally, I just want to say thank you again. I know you have helped a lot of people and likely receive a lot of testimonies and thank you letters from people, but sincerely thank you. My life will be forever changed by what I learned this year; your website and books are by far the most helpful in the area of learning about the connection between diet and inflammation.
With appreciation,
Michael D
Posted By: Michael D
Toronto, Ontario
Hi Julie,
I've been following you since this summer when I watched your interview with Meghan Telpner. And I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed watching your videos on The Marilyn Denis Show since then.
I'm an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and I think the way we communicate and share knowledge about nutrition is key. I learn so much from you in this regard. Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge. And please keep sending links to videos and interviews in your newsletter! I don't want to miss any. :-)
Warm regards,
Posted By: Katie Schmidt, MPH, INHC
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Switzerland
Hi Julie,
I met you Saturday at The Whole Life Expo in Toronto. I was so thrilled to finally meet you!
January 19, 2013 I started "Meals That Heal Inflammation". I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and was on a 17-month waiting list to see a rheumatologist. I came upon your book, Meals That Heal Inflammation, on a list of recommended books to read on my Naturopath’s website. I felt I had nothing to lose. If it worked great! If not, it was only a short time out of my whole life and I would eventually see the Rheumatologist.
I had tried many different supplements and health experts and nothing was working. I was in extreme pain and inflammation. My hands and fingers were swollen and felt like they were on fire. This kept me awake most nights. My toes had shooting pain. I felt like the tin man, stiff, sore, grumpy, I was getting very little sleep and still working fulltime.
After the eight-week program following your book, I was feeling better. I keep a food diary for a whole year to uncover my trigger foods to ensure I would never, ever feel like I used to. I finally did get into the Rheumatologist armed with your book, my food diary and feeling great. Since I felt so great, I didn’t need any drugs. I haven’t needed any drugs for almost three years because I have been following your life-style (it is not a diet but a life-style) and no longer need to see the Rheumatologist.
My motto is ‘Real Food is Medicine’. I spend time each week meal planning, cooking real food and encouraging as many people as I can to eat real food. I have recommended your book to so many people. I post many of my meals, sprouts, green drinks, on my Facebook page to inspire my friends to eat and be healthier.
Thank You for giving me my life back! So happy to finally meet you face to face!
Posted By: Roxanne Arsenault
Belleville, Ontario
Julie, your consultation has been life changing. Incorporating the nutritional advice you gave me and reviewing in g my 3 day food diary with you opened my eyes to what I was doing to my health. 6000mg of sodium in one day, yikes!
In just a short 10 days I posted a blood sugar of 5.9 after lunch which is amazing for me...half what it was the week before. My blood pressure is normal with no medication. I knew there had to be a better way, thanks for showing me.
Posted By: Lucio Palazzo
Hamilton, ON
Hi Julie! I love your book "Meals that heal inflammation". For the past 4 months I have been learning little by little both how to cook and how to choose anti-inflammatory foods because of your well-researched book and recipes. I liked your book so much I just bought another copy for a friend of mine as well. I just made the Grain-Free Berry Muffins today and they are so good so I just had to share!
Posted By: Sharran Raney
Phoenix, Arizona
Julie, I couldn't wait to try one of your new gluten and dairy-free recipes from Slimming Meals that Heal. Last night, I made the Chicken Stew A La Julie and it was fabulous! I'm looking forward to leftovers tonight.
As a Certified Health Fitness Specialist and Personal Trainer, I always cook healthy meals and enjoy trying recipes that are full of nutrients and taste. As a cancer survivor with a variety of food sensitivities and intolerances, finding "safe" foods in a restaurant is a tremendous challenge. I prefer to cook at home, to be creative and to experiment with ingredients. Your two books have provided satisfying recipes and wonderful, simple ideas for adding variety to meals. I've even tried new food items like chia and hemp seeds and now I use them daily. I'm a huge fan and hope that you'll add some book tour dates in the U.S. to your schedule.
Thank you for being a such a positive influence in this wellness revolution and for presenting the wellness warriors and health enthusiasts out here with such valuable information. I've heard your conversations on Hay House and regularly read your blog. Your knowledge in the holistic nutrition field and your encouragement to make important food choices will continue to inspire many individuals to examine their diets and make beneficial changes. Please keep sharing your ideas and delicious recipes and writing terrific books!
Posted By: Julie Huntington
Certified Health Fitness Specialist and Personal Trainer, West, TN USA
“MTHI is a must have resource for anyone seeking better health through natural nutrition. Even if you don't think you struggle with inflammation, you actually may, and regardless of if you do or don't, Julie clearly explains a number of health issues that go hand in hand and how our past eating and lifestyles affect our health today. She explains the effects, and inter-connections between things like stress, food intolerances, parasites, adrenal fatigue, muscle and joint pain. She provides inspiration through her clear explanations, her path to healing and her fabulous collection of recipes (finding recipes that eliminate sugar, gluten, dairy and other allergens is a tough, so thanks so much!!). I refer to this book as my wellness 'bible'. Thank you Julie for sharing your struggles and journey and for developing a clear path for yourself and the rest of us to follow!”
Posted By: Terrie Hoppe
Lockport, MB
I have severe osteoarthritis and at the age of 44 the doctors have told me that I need a total knee replacement; however due to my age they want me to delay the replacement as long as possible. The pain in my knee was constant, however it had become a part of my life and I learned to live with it, thinking this is what I have to live with until I am at an age where the doctors agree to do a knee replacement. They also told me that I need to lose weight before they would consider it. It seemed to be a vicious cycle - be more active to lose weight that would reduce the stress on my knee and make me a better candidate for a knee replacement, but the increased activity would cause my knee to cease up entirely to the point where I could hard walk after, and the severe pain would last a couple days. What to do.
In January 2014 I stumbled across the Start the New You Now! webinar series by Hay House, and one of the webinars that really grabbed me was Julie Daniluk's Create Your Total Body Renewal with Anti-inflammatory Superfoods and as a result I went out an bought Meals that Heal Inflammation. It opened my eyes to the possibility that food my be aggravating the arthritis in my knee, causing an increase in inflammation and thus reducing my mobility. Living with pain every day I thought I had nothing to lose by trying Julie's theory. I started to adjust my diet based on Julie's guidance, and I noticed a remarkable change in my level of pain! I was astounded - I never would have thought that food could be affecting me that way! While I will always walk with a limp due to the severe osteoarthritis, the pain was nominal. I could walk, I could climb stairs, I could do things that before drained me. I was ecstatic - I found a way to help ease my pain without medication!
Then I slipped. Over the course of the next couple of months, foods that I believe are my triggers for inflammation and pain, started to come back in to my diet. The constant pain came back into my life, and climbing stairs became totally unbearable. One step at a time - up and down, as I could not bend my knee enough to climb the stairs. Three weeks ago, I had another eureka moment realizing that I had slipped back into my old ways of eating and that must be the cause of the increase in my pain. I started to cut out the foods again that are my triggers, and started to follow Julie's path once again. I'm so happy to say, that now today, I am relatively pain free on my pain scale - which is probably higher than most due to living with constant pain, however I feel amazing! I can walk relatively normal AND I can now climb stairs regularly! No longer one step at a time! That has amazed me! Thank you Julie for opening my eyes to the impact of certain foods, and giving me new tools to help manage my pain! I can do this - I am doing this, and with your guidance and help, I am reducing my pain level and becoming more active.
Posted By: Debbie Stone
Hi Julie, I have colitis and Ankylosing spondylitis, I was diagnosed in May 2013 and started on a daily dose of 1000mg of naproxen. In July we reduced to 750mg daily but I was having alot of flare ups and bowel issues. In September my Rheumatologist suggested I follow an anti inflammatory diet so I purchased your book and I'm proud to say in December we reduced my dose to 250mg a day! I've only had 2 flare ups and they occured when I overate some trigger foods, but these flare ups were mild compared to previous ones and went away much faster. I will soon be starting on skipping a day of naproxen, and I hope to eventualy be off of it completely! My bowel issues are under control, my joint pain is not present, I am no longer bloated and I just feel really good. Each day is a new learning experience with food and I'm thankful for your book and blog to help guide me! Thank you
Posted By: Chantal Rogers
I am a true follower with Julie's expertise...She has been a lifesaver nutritionist for my health and symptoms outcome...i am still on the footpath to heatlh... I have some road to goodness...she has spelled out the sidewalks and treks to try and make sense for the most of my body life...and I am blessed to have found her...whichever way I found her information...I am grateful. Truly.
Posted By: Lyne MacLellan
Oakville, Ontario
Good for the body, mind and soul.
In 2012, I ended my career in health care. Needless to say that this was a very much deserved retirement.
Finally time to take care of myself, exercise more, pay a closer look at my nutrition, athough I was already very much aware of eating I thought.
Despite carefully reading labels, adding more fruits, veggies, lean meats, I still was not able to shed some extra pounds.
Then came Julie, first on OWN, then with her book « Meals that heal inflammation»
After working in clinical research for the last 17 years of my career, I was very impressed with the information in the book, which was supported by solid evidence and references.
Good for the body
Next step, I did change my eating habits and to my suprise, I started to loose weight in a healthy way. Belly fat started to melt, my body started to re shape, I was so happy .
Good for the mind
All this new knowledge, helped me a lot in choosing what I was going to eat. Planning my meals on a daily basis with this newly acquired information became exciting and challenging in a very positive way. I developped a deeper sense of what I was doing for my body.
Good for the soul
Finally, so very good for the soul, knowing that Nature provides everything we need .
So very good for the soul having someone like Julie, whom exudes dedication, passion and a contagious enthousiasm.
I guess somewhere, somehow, Nature knew what she did when a stork gently dropped Julie in the Daniluk’s family garden.
Thank you so much Julie
Posted By: Danielle Picard
Québec, Canada
I am so happy to say I am down 70lbs in less then 1 year. I used to suffer with lower back pain, had bad eczema on my arms and had Plantar Fasciitis (foot pain). I decided to go wheat-free on Jan 1st, 2013. That has been the best decision I made, now I have more energy, my eczema is gone, my body doesn't ache anymore and I feel younger, healthier and happier! I have 4 children, my youngest is 2, I used to think I have no time to try wheat free, its too expensive; but I decided to let my excuses be my reasons to change. I decided to be a change for my family, for my life! I used daily affirmations and hypnosis to keep my mind in check and I used Julie Daniluk and Dr. William Davis books to teach me the Wheat-Free way. If I can do this, so can you!
Posted By: Natalie Haig
Founder of Sacred Breakthroughs, Mother of 4, Superwomen, St. Catharines, ON
Julie, thank you for the beautiful book - both in content and the look&feel! It caught my attention last year since I thought the name of the author was Ukrainian (and I am Ukrainian). I ordered it and incorporated most of your recipes into my diet. They all worked out and my family liked most of them. I have to say the moment I opened it I knew I could trust the information in it and it was exactly what I was looking for. Since then I also bought the book for my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law.
Posted By: Viktoriya G
“I bought your book after seeing you numerous times on T.V. and it's my favourite of all my books on health and healing. You have just 'got it right'. Thank you for all you are doing to educate us to lead a healthier life and thank you for your passion and sincerity.”
Posted By: Hilary Salmon
“Loving your book! Everyone needs to read it. You covered it all! I find if I read it in the morning it motivates me for the day to eat better and to start planning my meals. The book makes me understand food and myself more. Eliminate pain, one meal at a time.”
Posted By: Ashley E. Power
“I took the online class “Meals That Heal Inflammation” when it was offered by Hay House in September. I downloaded the book to my kindle so I could read it right away, but I liked it so much that I bought a paper copy so I could share it with friends. I think this is such a wonderful way to eat! I have discovered many wonderful recipes and have discovered new and different foods such as quinoa and chard. I love the way spices are used and the food is so tasty and healthy. I have always wondered what I should eat. I have tried many different diets and as I get older I have more aches and pains and I know that a lot of my troubles were from unhealthy eating habits. I used to dread shopping for groceries because so much of what I craved was not even good for me. But now I have learned to make healthier choices that do not leave me feeling empty. The best news is that not only have I learned to eat foods that make me feel better but since September I have lost 13 pounds and 3 inches off my waist! I am so thankful to Julie for sharing with us her wealth of knowledge of healthy eating.”
Posted By: Carol Clancy
"As someone who has suffered from asthma since early childhood, I can attest to everything Julie is asserting in this book. Years ago, I changed my diet to one that is more holistic and nutritious; since then, I've hardly touched a single puffer. So to all those who suffer from asthma, and I know you are unfortunately many, I'm hoping that you will try out Julie's incredibly helpful tips."
Posted By: Kim Walters
"Julie makes adopting an anti-inflammatory diet an easy-to-navigate and delicious journey. This book is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to improve their health from the inside-out. A must-read."
Posted By: Leslie Beck, RD
Best-selling author of The Plant-Based Power Diet and Globe and Mail columnist.
A few months ago, a naturopathic doctor put me on a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, nightshade-free, goitrogen-free, caffeine-free (and almost any other -free you can think of) regime. Your book saved me from endless meals of salad greens and tuna, as well as helped me to understand what the heck was going on with my body.
I rave to friends about the Grain Free Muffins, the Green Pea dip, the Blueberry Hemp Smoothie, and on and on. My family is loving the recipes, too. I found out that a friend of mine was giving the book as Xmas presents this year to family members dealing with arthritis and thyroid issues (like myself), based on my raving. Woohoo!
I really credit your book for keeping me on this new "livit", because without the diversity of recipes, I'd have felt like I was so restricted and would have easily given up. And the best news is that a lot of my pain/inflammation is gone!
Again, thank you so much,
Posted By: Marion
Meals that Heal Inflammation is revolutionary. It's no wonder your book is doing so well on the charts. You've nailed it on the head on how to convey a message simply, clearly, precisely on how to use food as a weapon to stave off health concerns, and a bandaid, no a cure!!! to fix what ails us!
I'm a nutritionist from Toronto and I've been in Alberta visiting my parents just this past week. Every day I've cooked for them - breakfast, lunch and dinner - 95% of all meals right from your book! Most of my nutritionist knowledge tends to go over their head. I've tried to teach them about inflammation before, and cook like this for them in the past, but since they've started reading your book they are getting it!!!!!!!! Meals that Heal is well written and easy for EVERYONE to understand.
My dad is the slimmest he's been in 20 years (he's had prostate cancer and is now on watch and wait for CLL) and my mom dropped 7 lbs this week!!!!! Both of them feel great and their achy joints are feeling better too!
Julie, thank you so much for making my job easier.
You're a blessing.
Posted By: Kyla Schmidt, CNP
I just made the ginger butternut squash soup and the shepherd's pie recipes from the Meals that heal Inflammation book. They are amazing, full of flavor and easy to make. My family loved them. This book looks like it may turn my life around. I am so happy I bought this book. I cannot tell you enough how much I love your book. The recipes are truly awesome. I just made the grain free muffins, and the slow cook Swiss steak....delicious!!!! Your book has helped me discover what has been wrong with my health for so many years. Please keep up the good work, and if you publish more recipes over time I will be first in line, at the rate I am working through them I will be ready for sure. My girlfriends daughter is now attending the same school you went to, and got the chance to work with you at a food/nutrition fair, recently she was so thrilled to meet you and is still talking about thrilled she was about it. Thank you Julie.
Posted By: Debra Dalton Stone
Julie Daniluk is a true inspiration to the millions of people worldwide suffering from inflammation. Her impressive wealth of nutritional knowledge has helped me initiate my journey to healing, and has inspired me to want to learn more! As a dental hygiene student, I would love to incorporate holistic nutritional counseling into my work in the future. Meals that Heal Inflammation is a staple that will remain in my kitchen for many years to come...can't wait for a sequel!
Posted By: Lori Clahane
Dental Hygiene Student, Hamilton, Ontario
Meals That Heal Inflammation is an absolute wealth of information that has radically changed my eating patterns. Julie Daniluk offers close to 400 pages of well-researched tips and techniques, tasty recipes, and a comprehensive five-step anti-inflammatory menu plan. If you would like to experience improved digestion, a more even-keeled mood, and lower your risk for disease, I highly recommend Julie's book!
Posted By: Bethany Butzer, Ph.D
Mental Health & Wellness Advisor Author, Speaker, Researcher, Yoga Teacher
It is thought that a great many health conditions are related to inflammation from dermatitis, arthritis and heart disease through to cancer. As holistic nutritionists, we are taught to always look to the root cause and Julie’s book suggests that by doing so, we have an opportunity to allow our bodies to heal some major health issues. As Zoltan Rona states in the preface, “As Julie Daniluk correctly points out and describes in great detail, you can prevent, control, reduce and eliminate inflammation in the body by addressing the root causes of it in the first place…every bit of information in this book is backed up by scientific evidence, published studies and clinical expertise.”
What impressed us most about this book is Julie’s notion of balancing the intricacies of individual needs. She carefully works through the concept that each person is biochemically an individual with independent nutritional requirements and teaches the reader how to go about solving the health issues that may pertain to them. The book reflects the great amount of experience Julie has through her own health challenges and through working with clients, combined with a vast amount of research.
The organization of this book is very appealing; giving the reader information and motivation and then following through with a step by step plan. Numerous food charts provide ready answers and detail. For added value there are about 150 pages of healing tonics and flavourful recipes – a great resource for any practitioner and client who wants to change their diet. We highly recommend Meals that Heal to anyone interested in understanding the inflammation issue or wanting to improve their overall health.
Posted By: Canadian Assoc. Natural Nutritional Practitioners
CANNP, Fergus, ON N1M 1R3
It was my pleasure to work on Healthy Gourmet (W Network) with Julie and enjoyed watching her prepare meals in every episode. However, it wasn't until recently that I actually picked up her cookbook (Meals That Heal Inflamation) and stared cooking. I am so glad I did. The recipes are easy...amazing and I always feel energized after I consume as oppose to tired. I have always considered myself to be a healthy eater...but this is on a whole new level. Coincidentally, I saw my mother last week and she looked amazing...and when I asked her what she had done..she told me that she to has started cooking from Julie's book. The African Butter Nut Stew alone makes this book a worthy purchase - it is to die for!!!!! Honestly, I am the WORST cook ever and have had great success w/ these recipes. Thanks for this book was clearly written with your heart...for the benefit of all of ours! :)
Posted By: Bonnie Visentin
I recently had the opportunity to meet Julie and hear first hand about 'Meals that Heal Inflammation'. As a Holistic Nutritionist, it was gratifying to see how well Julie has incorporated her knowledge about food and the body into her book. MTHI very well organized, simple to understand yet full of essential information that we all need to know in order to take charge of our health and well-being. The recipes are yummy and easy to follow.
Thanks Julie for taking the time and effort to produce such a life-changing book. You are an inspiration!
Posted By: Valerie McNicol BSc RHN
RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) who consults with Ideal Nutrition in North Vancouver BC, North Vancouver BC
My copy of MTHI was waiting for me when I got home from work last night - huzzah!!!! While the padded bag it came in was a little banged up, the book was in perfect condition.
May I take this opportunity to say that I think the book looks fantastic! Everyone involved in its production did a great job. I particularly love the fact that you have a reference list as so many nutritional books these days don't - something my nutrition teacher kept pointing out during class last year. Your "anti-inflammatory food pyramid" is brilliant too - simple to see at a glance and check where meals can be improved on.
In Australia the dietary guidelines are currently under review and while the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) admits that Australians don't eat enough of the "good" and too much of the "bad", it will be interesting to see what they ultimately come up with. I will enjoy comparing the new guidelines with your anti-inflammatory food pyramid!
The layout of the chapters is clear and concise and the wrap-up at the end is a great summary. The quizzes help the reader to stop and really start to reconnect with their bodies and bring that awareness to the fore - something many people have lost, sadly. I like the traffic light system you have for indicating healing to harmful foods as I am predominantly a visual-based learner, and while the tables aren't colour coded red, yellow and green, I do "see" the table in this way.
I must say that I love, love, LOVE the chapter on the emotional aspect of why we eat. As a self-confessed emotional eater, your simple yet practical tools in how to manage this area of everyone's life are wonderful. I haven't finished reading Chapter 2 yet, but after flicking through the pages I was pleasantly surprised that I have already begun taking some of the steps you suggest and didn't realize.
The recipes are delicious and easy to make, though it is a shame that many of your wonderful photos of the completed dishes have been omitted (a small price to pay, I guess). I made your Raw Pad Thai and Adzuki Millet Salad recipes on Christmas day and everyone loved it - even my cousin who almost hyperventilates if you mention the "H-word" (Healthy!) Haahaa.
Overall the information you present is presented in a concise, easy to understand format with great summaries and tables. The fact that everything is referenced allows us students of nutrition to further investigate for ourselves and develop a deeper understanding. This, ultimately, will help students become better informed and better practitioners. All the wonderfully tasty recipes are still there (are there some new ones as well?) and the "free of..." legend is very helpful.
All I can say is that I can't wait to read more of it - I'm only part way through chapter 2 at the moment - and begin to implement the changes into my lifestyle.
Most of all, thank you for sharing your own personal story about your journey to health. That is without a doubt the most inspiring part of your book. I hope your agent can have the book released in Australia as I believe it would be of benefit to many here.
Posted By: Belinda Carpenter
Sydney, Australia
Meals That Heal Inflammation
Love this, I am not a good eater my kids are grown and Husband works away so find it very hard to make a meal,and I also suffer with Fibromyalgia and have for years, I started reading this book and now I know why I have been craving sweets so much and it makes so much sence, I have been cooking now for my self and find the few I have made there very good and easy to make thanks , now to get the husband to start eating better with me when he's home. :)
Posted By: Michelle Parade Duyvewaardt
Im a stay at home woman,and i suffer with Fibromyalgia., Courtenay BC
Note to let you know that your new book is AMAZING! Finally I feel great. Thanks to you I figured out that I have an allergy to wheat. I was recently diagnosed with asthma. I had chronic bronchitis for 4 years and my GP just kept telling me it was pollution. Finally I went to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto and met a wonderful doctor. Between this doctor and your book I am a new person!! Thank you so much. Your recipes are fabulous. I used to be so hungry I would eat everything in sight. Now I am never hungry and feel great! Again thank you so much for this amazing book!
Posted By: Cheryl Glasgow
Pearl wanted to make these herself. We read through the recipe and then she set out to make them. As a parent, I love to watch her in the kitchen, reading recipes ( and using her math skills), gaining the confidence of knowing, she can do it, and just having some fun. This recipe was ideal because there are few ingredients, no oven time, and some creative construction of putting together the boat.
You can find this recipe ( and others) on the Healthy Kids section of the Human Body Detectives site. We did have to make a few changes; living in a small town does create a few obstacles on finding ingredients. We replaced the pumpkin seed butter with peanut butter ( and you could use any nut or seed butter), mint leaves replaced the ginkgo leaves and hazelnuts replaced tiger nuts. Pearl was a little confused on the teaspoon/ tablespoon and I forgot to remind her to cuts dates completely in half to make 2 “boats” so be sure to print up the recipe!
To purchase Julie’s book, Meals that Heal Inflammation ( which I highly suggest), journey over to her website…
Here is Pearl!
Posted By: Dr. Heather Manly ND
ND and Author of the Human Body Detective Series
We’ve all read about the damaging effects of inflammation in the body, and we’re familiar with foods that can help fight inflammation… But how do you go from lists to a healthy diet you’ll actually enjoy? Registered holistic nutritionist Julie Daniluk’s book is part guide to eating well and part cookbook. The first part of the book covers the main causes of inflammation and health consequences, then it’s on to setting up a healthy kitchen and recipes that will make you forget you’re eating well. (Yes, desserts are included too!)
Posted By: Zoomer Living Mag
From heart disease to allergies and Alzheimer's disease to joint pain, scientists have discovered that inflammation is at the root cause of most of what ails you. Whether or not your condition ends in 'itis', we have learned that inflammation isn't just the visible raised, red, hot, swollen, and painful set of symptoms you once thought. Inflammation happens deep at the cellular level turning on bad genes and can predispose you to everything from diabetes to cancer and, by and large, poor nutrition sets the stage.
Where many antioxidants - from Alpha Lipoic Acid to Zeaxanthin - may help to fight inflammation, if you are eating junk food all day, it is a pipe dream that popping supplements will somehow compensate and magically protect your health. What you need to learn is the foundation of healthy eating: Meals That Heal Inflammation! Nutritionist Julie Daniluk is your go to for everything nutrition. In this creative, well referenced, and easy to follow work, she has reminded us all of the important premise that if you eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and 'immune system approved' foods each day, you'll achieve and maintain good health (and you won't have to rely on a multivitamin!).
(Author of The Antioxidant Prescription: How to Use the Power of Antioxidants to Prevent Disease and Stay Healthy for Life)
Posted By: Bryce Wylde BSc, RNC, DHMHS
Host of Wylde On Health
Do you have a fire burning inside you?
Maybe it’s an emotional fire like a passionate love or a nagging grudge. Or perhaps it’s a little physiologic fire like a lingering cough threatening to become bronchitis, or that digestive pain you always feel that could be colitis. (Physiologic inflammation is connected to emotional “fires” but that’s another post.)
As we all reflect on where we’re at, where we’ve been and what we want to do in 2012, I challenge you to become more aware of what’s on fire in your life (and health) and see if you can snuff out the little flames that aren’t productive.
You see, inflammation in the body is just like fire in nature. It is an essential, live and dynamic process that signals the need for change, repair and growth. Like fire, inflammation in our body can eat up resources and nutrients that would otherwise be used for more important functions. A classic example is the inflammatory effect of sugar. When consumed unnecessarily (i.e. you’re not in need of gaining weight, feeding yeast and fermentation, or trying like Mary Poppins to get a potent remedy down), it puts demands on the circulating stores of B vitamin and mineral enzyme building blocks like magnesium while stimulating insulin and the hormonal cascade that goes with it – well, long story short, your body gets busy metabolizing it instead of repairing itself and fighting off any pathogens it may have come in contact with.
Alright, so I don’t explain biochemical processes very well. Fortunately, I know someone who does. A few years ago, I had the pleasure and privilege of contributing to the work of a fellow nutritionist who has written a fantastic book called Meals that Heal Inflammation. Julie Daniluk, co-host of The Healthy Gourmet on OWN, has put her heart and soul into this book with laudable results. MTHI launches this month and if perchance catch Julie at Chapters book signing you’ll immediately see that she obviously has the right fires burning in her life. Her energy is infectious.
What I love about Meals that Heal is 1) It’s scientific. There’s no “hocus pocus” babble, just the facts about how foods affect your body. 2) It’s up-lifting and motivating. Julie herself has conquered battles with painful, life-threatening inflammation and shares her story and that of others helped by her approach in delightful vignettes throughout the book. 3) It’s about the food!!! It’s not a diet but all about eating right so your body can heal and you can feel like yourself again.
This book is the perfect read for someone looking to make a change in their health in 2012. In addition to reading it and finding at least one recipe in it that you will use on a regular basis, here are some more “anti-inflammatory” life habits that you can try on to dampen negative stress and turn up the heat on projects that deserve more of your energy:
Forgive people who have hurt you. Not just in your mind, but in real life, i.e. tell them you forgive them and make amends.
Start on a hobby that you have always wanted to make time for, or that you enjoyed as a child. You never know, your hobby might became your claim to fame. In the very least, its a great escape and stress reliever. Much better than the ol’ telly.
Surround yourself with positive people that you can learn from. Was it Bill Gates or Steve Jobs who had little formal education but made a point of surrounding himself with learned experts when building their empire?
Rest. Recoup. Recharge. Always make time for “down time”as your routine reward after a day well lived. You need to rally your strength and resources to keep fueling those good fires and putting out the bad!
Posted By: Emily Kennedy
Julie is so knowledgeable and passionate about food and its power to heal. How incredible to have so much of her wisdom (and fantastic recipes!) gathered in one place. A delicious book, an inspiring guide to good health.
Posted By: Gillian Deacon,
TV Host and Author of Green For Life
Like a good friend holding your hand, Julie guides you step-by-step through the entire health-creating process. Drawing on personal experience and the latest research, she clearly explains what causes inflammation and - more importantly - how to permanently eliminate it. Julie provides several whole food, plant-based recipe options that I agree are excellent for pain-free, high-quality living.
Posted By: Brendan Brazier
Professional Ironman triathlete and the bestselling author of The Thrive Diet
What makes Meals that Heal Inflammation such a valuable resource is that it’s not only tackling the issue underlying some of the most prevalent health conditions of our time, but it’s coming from someone who lives the life she advocates for others. Julie has come up against inflammatory issues herself, done an impressive amount of research, and shares clearly with readers what simple steps they can take to feel great.

Posted By: Jae Steele
RHN and author of Get It Ripe: A Fresh Take on Vegan Cooking & Living
Making a healthy shift in diet can be tough. Julie provides the tools you need to make the change and have healing foods taste great.
Posted By: Dr. John Gray
New York Times Bestselling Author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Meals that Heal Inflammation is an extraordinary book that I have been thrilled to read. Julie presents easy-to-prepare, outrageously delicious balanced meals from wholesome foods. This book can take your health to an elevated new level and the best news – it is just a single meal away.
Posted By: Sam Graci
Internationally renowned lecturer, researcher and bestselling author
Health Issue: When I separated from my husband, I was underweight and physically and emotionally stressed to capacity. I was often filled with anxiety. I barely had enough energy to get through the day while adjusting to a new life. In order to help my children adjust to this change, I knew I had to focus on my health.
Action Plan: The first thing I did was cut down wheat and dairy and add more protein to my diet. On a daily basis, I ate a lot of organic almond butter, eggs, avocados (for the good protein and fat content), and plenty of fresh vegetables. I started each day with a protein shake, had four smaller meals a day, and took omega oils and a calcium supplement.
Outcome: The results included a gradual but noticeable weight gain, with a good fat to muscle ratio. I also had less anxiety and more energy. I quickly began to feel better than I had in years in every way, including improved skin, joints, and ability to focus. Taking care of my body was a key factor in my recovery and aided my ability to cope and adjust to my new life.
Posted By: Barb Johnny
Actress and Mother of Two
Health Issue: I suffered severe arthritic pain on my body’s right side, especially in the hip, neck, shoulder and hand, along with inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarrhea, and bowel spasms. Chronic pain in the hip caused limited movement. Neck and shoulder pain resulted in limited upper body strength.
Action Plan: First, I removed milk from my daily diet, then wheat, sugar, and eggs. As a result, I was able to identify my food allergies. At that time, my diet consisted of fruits and vegetables along with animal protein, such as bison, fish, chicken, and lamb, plus raw nuts and seeds. I also chose not to eat grain or dairy products.
Outcome: After following the Anti-inflammatory diet for four months, my arthritic pain disappeared, and my bowels returned to normal functioning. I have also found that my “brain fog” lifted and I could think clearly again.
Posted By: Lynn Woods
Writer, Inventor, and Proud Mother
It would seem as though we are living in a time of great awakening, where many of us are no longer able to stay disconnected or unaware of our relationship to food as medicine. Though we are well equipped with information, it is difficult to live this knowledge and feel supported along the path. Julie's book is like a trusted friend and teacher, as transparent about her own journey as she is knowledgeable, insightful and deeply rooted in care. Her recipes bring colour, light and love to the body, mind and spirit, inspiring a sweet state of wholeness within and with out. I recommend it to all of my students, clients, colleagues, and loved ones and take great delight in witnessing the emergence of inner radiance.
Posted By: Adrienne Stos
I love your new book. Finally someone has gotten to the bottom of how foods react with your body. I've always tried to eat as healthy as I could, but still had health issues. This book makes so much sense. Thank you for the time you've devoted in educating us.
Posted By: Lise Paradis
Yes, I went and picked up your book, its wonderful. So much information to take in. Your chapter explaining the link between food/allergy to gut to inflammation/ arthritis was very interesting as my husband is suffering from a lot of arthritis now and he’s only in his late forties. Being able to explain how the harmful relationship of certain foods and drinks directly affect his pain has got him on board now.
Posted By: Gwen Thompson
I have an original of this book and it has been great - easy to follow and delicious recipes. The new edition is beautifully done and a great gift for oneself or a good friend. I even fix her quinoa bars on occasion and take them into the clinic where I work and they go over like a house on fire! So easy to eat well and enjoy great flavour thanks to recipes like these.
Posted By: Audrey
Thank you so much for emailing back. I know you are really busy right now. I was just reading your I do every night when my two little girls go to bed. I have learned so much already and am ready to make a real change in my life to get rid of my joint pain.
I am interested in what you offer online in February mostly because I trust your expertise and enthusiasm. Please keep me on your mailing list for future info regarding this. Again, thank you for writing your book. I am looking forward to the changes that it will bring to me and my husband this year!
Posted By: Jen
Julie! I read you book in 3 days! I can't thank you enough for writing this well needed and deeply inspiring guide the healing. I'm the kind who need to understand the "why" before believing in a health "command" and your book really helped me reinforcing my trust for the MTHI diet. I know it will help me take it a step further and stick to it. ??And more than anything, I'm very excited about trying many of your recipes (I already did!). I love cooking, and having to restrict the ingredients I can play with was heart breaking at first. I'm glad I will be able to bring more flavour and variety to my diet. Thank you.
Posted By: Adeline Cohen
I've only read through about 89 pages and I am so thankful to have found this book! It goes in depth with information that has only been lightly touched on in other reading material I have come across. I was/am suffering from many of the problems she highlights in her book and I now feel like I have an extra tool in helping me combat these nagging issues. After all, disease is our body telling us that something needs to be dealt with. A small example of a form of inflammation that many people overlook is bloating and gas. If this is something you regularly deal with, you are eating things that are causing you inflammation in your gut.
We are brought up to believe that as we age, our bodies will break down and we will just have to deal with pains we didn't have at a young age. This isn't true. Our bodies have the ability to remain in good working order into our 70's 80's and even 90's. It's all about what we put into them.
Not only does Julie deal with the food itself, but there is a lot of information on the emotional attachment we have to food. After all she is a holistic nutritionist. There are reasons we eat what we eat and many of them are emotional.
Posted By: Stephanie Yelovich
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