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“Thank you for inspiring so many people including myself tonight! You’re changing lives inside and out! Blessing and great health.”

~Chelsey Greff


“I just had to tell you that I have extended the Meals That Heal 21-Day Detox for about two months now and I feel great. I just got your new book fro Mother’s Day and can’t wait to dive in. Funny that you mentioned BBQs…I am going to one soon and was thinking that I will be bringing something along that not only will I be eating but hopefully others will enjoy as well. 

You are awesome…keep up the great work.”

~Martha, Whitby, Ontario


Hi Julie, Thank you for shaving a chat with me about candida diet and fermented foods this afternoon at your booth at the Total Health Show. I love going to your presentations, they are always so informative, educational and entertaining :-). I always learn a lot from you, everytime! Thanks again.

~Allie C, Toronto, Ontario


“So far, I’ve tried the asparagus and broccoli soups and butter me chicken from the new book (I bought it on released day because I enjoy the first book so much). Relish! Then I tried the Rocket Maca Truffles!! Divine! 

Completely indulgent! I am in your debt”

~Catherine MacDonald


“Hi Julie, 

I love your book Meals That Heal Inflammation and the recipes are amazing. I love every single one of them!!! Thanks for writing such an amazing book!” 

~Barbara Tanski


“Love your new book Julie…I am learning so many new things. Thank you for writing it for us.”

~Sherry Brouzesan


“It was so nice to see you on Canada AM today! And thank you for the gluten-free blueberry muffin recipe the other day! I tried it and they were so delicious! I felt like I cannot eat any other muffins anymore. I always appreciate your positive energy and great advice on making healthy choices. Thank you for your inspiration. Completed the 21-Day Detox program. I am continuing with your principles. I feel so much better!!!!”

~Kari Keenan

“I really enjoyed your lecture last evening. I was able to catch you on Global TV this morning, as well! You are very passionate about what you do…it shows on the inside and out!

I have enjoyed reading your first book and look forward to the second one…I particularly love the salad idea in a mason jar for work lunches! Healing inflammation is critical; your books form part of my crusade to stay healthy! So, again, a big thank you!”

~Margot Streeter


“Julie, Just wanted to say how much I am learning from your books! As a new health coach, this information is SO vital!”

~Maureen Manning


“Julie, thank you so much for the work you are doing! You’re an inspiration to, and are making a difference in, the lives of so many!”

~John Hathaway


“Had an amazing time listening today to you at the Healthy Choices Wellness Show! Your speech was so inspiring.”

~Kayla Ferreira


“Thank you, Julie, for an amazing, informative & entertaining presentation at the Brantford Goodness Me last night! I think everyone came out of that session with a real sense of enlightenment.”

~Cherie Elliott


“Thanks for the inspiring, captivating and motivating talk a the Health and Wellness Show in Cambridge today!”

~Tircia Maio-Vogel


“We enjoyed your winning presentation immensely this afternoon. Your terrific vitality motivates to step up my wellness game. I have high hope to get hubby on board too, to remedy his arthritic knee. Thank you for the prizes I won! I look forward to learning more.”

~Anjo Zonneveld


“Hi Julie! It was great meeting you at the I Can Do It Conference. I am the lady that lost 200 pounds and is studying to be a trainer and holistic lifestyle coach. I loved your presentation and will read your book. Thanks for your time, enthusiasm and wisdom!”

~Karen Hultgren


“Just watched you on the Marilyn Denis Show…Julie, your eagerness and attitude are infectious! Thank you for making better nutrition in the new year that much easier!”

~Jennifer Dwyer


“Julie thank you for doing what you do!!! You are helping thousands of people!!!”

~Elsa Notarandrea 


“Always thinking of others! Many thanks for the endless informational emails and links. Your energy is transmitted through your emails and literature. I love watching you on TV and have had the good fortune to attend some of your seminars. Whether I read, watch or attend…I always come away with tons of useful information. Looking forward to your new book.”

~Linda Ibbett


“Hi Julie, I thoroughly enjoyed your Hay House talk today. Thank you for your enthusiasm.”

~Shauna Marie


“I watched you on the Marilyn Denis Show. And I just love the health segments you do. I will be using some of those great ideas, you talked about.”

~Andrea Salmon


“Enjoyed your interview on Hay House. Thanks for all the wonderful information and for sharing your story.”

~Cindy Evans


“Loved loved loved your talk yesterday at Hay House I Can Do It Toronto! Bought the book (I am suffer with Crohn’s and years of pain and inflammation) and reading it now! I really am grateful for the work you are offering to those of us with inflammation problems…and so blessed to have the opportunity to see your talk and have a chance to read your great insights.”

~Tanya Kujtan

“I’m so glad I found you! Thank you for your talk on Hay House Radio yesterday! I LOVED all of your energy and INFO!”

~Tyler Hornschemeier


“Great website Julie, with word of experience and wisdom. Thank you.”

~Cheryl Planert


“Hi Julie, thank you for your bright eyes and beautiful attitude, knowledge and passion!”

~Zora Ignjatovic


“Julie, thank you for your talk at the Hay House I Can Do It event today. You were funny, smart, informative, engaging and so brave. Keep up the good work! Brilliant!”

~Andrea Best


“Just have to say…Julie you are a dynamite speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last night at TRU Kamloops,BC. You engage the audience and have amazing stage presence. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope the rest of your tour is a great success!”

~Shelly Davidson


“Just 50 pages into Meals That Heal Inflammation and I’ve learned more about my body than I have in my entire lifetime. A real eye-opener so far, a great read. Looking forward to the recipe section!”

~Jamie Jameson


“Made the broccoli lentil soup tonight and the munchkins loved it. The 2-year-old said, “This is good.” and the 5-year-old said, “The broth is yummy! Thanks again!”

~Sylvie Oliveira


“I just received my copy of Slimming Meals That Heal from Chapters. It looks wonderful! I’m so thankful for you. Your 2 books, articles, videos and recipes are lifesavers.”

~Marianne Kay


“Had the please of hearing you share your wisdom yesterday - AWESOME! Would love to have you come to my school and help educate others on improving one’s health! Love it!”

~Selina Lee


“Just wanted to let you know my husband & I finished the 3-Day Detox. My husband lost 6 lbs & I lost 3 lbs. We felt great, recharged & it reset our portion control & broke the sugar cravings from the Christmas overload. Thanks.”

~Janey Walker


“Hi Julie, Just have to say…inspiring and fun-loving talk you treated us to last night!”

~Margery Corrigan


“Great show….I got goose bumps listening to you Julie!!!!”

~Shannon Yamakawa


“What a great presentation you gave! And…I love the rap at the end!”

~Anni Bordeleau