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The Hot Detox

Bestselling Author Julie Daniluk RHN

#1 Canadian Bestseller! 11 weeks on the Globe&Mail Bestseller list.

Second Edition due for release in April 2018.

The Hot Detox supports every major organ of your body. 
Learn the science of detoxification as it has never been explained before 
with beautiful and easy-to-understand medical illustrations!
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Are you ready to eat comforting foods?

Feel the warm, happy glow & look hotter than you have in years!

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Taste Hot to Look Hot Today!

The Hot Detox is an incredible tool that has the potential to truly transform your life. Whether you have a skin disorder, allergies, belly bloating or irritable bowel syndrome, it works by taking stress off of your digestive system until it is restored. It incorporates foods that heal and avoids foods that can potentially be harmful.

In the past, detoxification was traditionally done in the spring and fall when temperatures were moderate and fresh greens were plentiful. However, the popularity of New Year resolutions in January pushes many people to want to cleanse in the heart of winter. But this goes against common sense. In the winter, we need to keep our fires burning to cope with a cooler climate. When it’s cold outside, a standard “cold” detox program of smoothies, juices, and raw salads does not support you, and may even cause you to feel run down, slow your metabolism or aggravate a digestive condition. (Case in point: Have you ever started your day with a frozen banana smoothie and ended up feeling bloated and tired by noon?)

The Hot Detox is a deep cleansing program that serves up a delicious, warming menu with anti-inflammatory remedies that spark digestive vitality. You can have delicious healing food in a balanced approach over the course of 3, 10 or 21 days instead of a crash diet or fast that will leave you jonesing for sugar. The Hot Detox embraces the ancient wisdom of India and China, applying the time-tested intelligence of warming up the body’s core. Inspired by hot yoga practices, this detox will switch up your routine and motivate you to try new exciting combinations. Whether you live in a warm or cool climate, utilizing the heat of a warming diet is the key to alleviating many common concerns such as IBS, low immunity, hormone imbalance and chronic pain. Even for those who live in a warm climate, have a hot constitution, or suffer from an inflammatory condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, the cooling superfoods recommended in this book will balance the menu and ensure great results for everyone.

The Hot Detox Plan is a soul-satisfying, 5-step detox plan that uses metabolism-boosting spices and hearty recipes to reduce bloating, heal digestion and reset your vitality.


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“The Hot Detox is wisdom you can taste! Every recipe uses a warming ingredient or cooking technique to fire up your digestive power, healing you from the inside out!”

~ Marilyn Denis, TV host of The Marilyn Denis Show


"Inflammation affects every aspect of your health. It is at the root of all disease. Drawing on ancient Asian and Indian wisdom using foods and natural approaches proven to detoxify, cleanse, and heal your gut, mind, and body, Julie has compiled yet another winning program for anyone who agrees that health is the most important thing you have. To get more of it, turn the page!"  

~ Bryce Wylde B.Sc. Hons., DHMHS, Associate Medical Director at P3Health | CityTv Health Expert | Medical Advisor DrOZ show


Yam Asparagus Salad by Julie Daniluk RHN  Joint Saving Gello by Julie Daniluk RHN  Squash Arugala Salad by Julie Daniluk RHN  Pomegranate Poached Pears by Julie Daniluk RHN